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What We Do and Why Clients Choose Us

RDP has been helping thousands of large and small companies claim R&D Tax Credits (research and development) since 2006. We differ from the rest because of our staff, experience, and unique proprietary process.

We would rather show you how we work than give a sales pitch, so why not test-drive us at no cost! We can tell you or your client within 30 minutes if you could qualify for R&D Tax Credits. Our team can start working on your R&D Tax Credit claim, either if it’s the full claim, help with a compliance check or just some advice.

R&D (research and development)

RDP are very proud of our client retention. Everyone asks how we achieved this! Well, our clients tell us: That we are easy to work with, that they didn’t have to lift a finger and we did for them what we said we would! So basically in a nutshell, RDP substantially decreases the time our clients’ staff have to spend on the R&D Tax Credit claim process. But more importantly, our clients feel 100% confident that all their R&D projects and costs are claimed

R&D Tax Credit - The RDP Difference

The RDP Difference

We know the rules! Having been through thousands of government reviews, we are able to work with programme officials effectively to ensure maximum benefits. We also advise companies on how to build and implement internal processes that will help identify, capture and document all R&D projects, activities, and costs to support their claims. So in the long run, installing these systems eases the burden of filing a claim. We have many partners in the UK innovation ecosystem. Explore the difference by partnering with us.

R&D at A Glance

R&D at A Glance

When it comes to R&D companies, R&D Tax Credits are a tax incentive from the UK Government designed to encourage companies to invest in R&D. The scheme has been around since 2000 and recently over 40,000 UK companies filed R&D tax credit claims in one year that amounted to nearly £3.5 billion in tax relief.

The average SME receives approximately £50K per year and large companies receive roughly £270K per year in tax credits. In most cases, R&D tax relief is a cash refund or a straight reduction on corporate taxes owing.


R&D Tax Credits- Working With An R&D Specialist

Our Secret Sauce? Meticulously Preparing and Filing Claims

For over 30 years, RDP has been innovating and improving its approach to RDP tax credit claims. As technology and R&D tax rules change so does our service. Our signature platform is the Innovation Connection Programme (ICP). ICP connects innovation with your bottom line.

So our approach goes far beyond the standard approach of our competitors. You likely hear from other R & D tax credit providers that they:

  • Identify R&D projects;
  • Ensure all R&D tax relief claim criteria are met;
  • Maximize claims by including all eligible R&D activities and costs;
  • Assist your company in addressing questions from HMRC

Whereas RDP has developed a unique system of proprietary algorithms, checklists, and methodologies that ensure you receive every £ you deserve in your claim.


R&D Tax Credits - Accountants

Our R&D Partnership Programme for Accountants

So for many companies, R & D tax credits have become a service that they increasingly look to their accounting firm to handle. But with RDP’s partnership programme, you can offer your clients the “best in class” service. By partnering with RDP, accounting firms stand out since they can offer a full range of service capabilities on R&D, government grant funding identification, preparation, and Patent Box applications and claims. So, not only do our accounting firm partners attract new business, but the firm’s new and existing clientele also view the firm as dynamic, one that is always working to meet their needs, and can compete with the top 20 firms ranked in the UK.

Our Work and Dynamism Go Beyond R&D Tax Credits

There is a wide range of business grants that fund business activities beyond R&D. These activities include innovation, hiring, and export. RDP covers all these areas of funding in great depth. We have specialty departments from various business sectors such as cleantech, agriculture, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and subsectors of the tech industry (fintech, e-health, digital media, artificial intelligence, and software).

R&D Tax Credits - Beyond Accounting

Most companies that hire us do so because they don’t want to be bothered with the cumbersome processes of a grant application. So we select the right grant, prepare the submission, and file any claim reports to receive the funding.

There are companies that engage us to review their application as we have the experience and insight into the ins and outs of grant applications.

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“RDP did an excellent job preparing the R&D tax credit claim for Barclays. RDP showed strong technical knowledge and learnt very quickly the key components of our business. RDP project managed well, which ensured timely completion, and acted as the first point of contact for our technical staff. Based on this we anticipate using RDP to continue to prepare our claims going forward.”

Ian Mackinnon, Tax Director, Barclays Capital

“RDP Associates approached me regarding a review of our historic R&D tax claims from 2002 onwards. Our group is large and de-centralized and my main concerns were that they perform the work to the necessary deadlines with the minimum disruption to the business teams they would need to interact with. I certainly did not want protracted negotiations with HMRC on any revised claims.

RDP totally delivered on these points, identified a significant amount of additional qualifying expenditure, and raised awareness of this important government incentive among our technical and research departments. RDP is now working to embed the process of collecting the necessary project descriptions and financial data to ensure we maximize our claims prospectively.”

John Bentley, Head of Group Tax, Balfour Beatty PLC

“We had been aware that we may be able to make an R&D claim. However, the data necessary to prepare a claim was not readily available from the accounting records. We knew that in order to put together a meaningful claim we would need the input of diverse department heads who had worked on potentially qualifying projects.

RDP explained that they would interview our staff involved and tease out information that would reveal qualifying expenditures which may not normally be identified through conventional routes. This is exactly what they did, and they did so with a minimum of fuss.

Within a very short period, we received the full amount of the expected cash rebate. It is certain that we would not have received a refund had we not had the services of RDP Associates. I also have to say that it was a pleasure working with RDP consultants who worked on the claim. I have no hesitation in recommending RDP to anyone seeking assistance with R&D tax relief.”

Chris Hughes, Financial Director National Milk Records PLC

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