RDP Associates (RDP) have developed our own accounting firm partnership called the Accountants Alliance Programme. We have very close relationships with Accountants. Our primary business model is to work along side small and medium sized accounting firms to provide R&D tax credit and government funding services.

Here are 3 benefits in working with RDP and how we differentiate ourselves from other R&D tax credit service providers:

1. Given the numerous accounting firm mergers that have taken place over the last few years, part of these new and larger firms’ goal is to take away your clients by promoting their internal R&D tax credit and government funding services.

2. There are several R&D tax credit service providers that take a negative approach to accounting firms by promoting that accountants do not have the expertise or experience to facilitate R&D tax credit claims. In cases such as these, we have seen accounting firms lose clients that they have been servicing for years.

3. RDP is an international company, providing R&D tax credit and government funding services in five countries. In comparison to the UK, these R&D tax credit programmes are more mature, and we are seeing the UK programme evolve by following in the same direction. Rather than being reactive to what is taking place, we are proactively working with our firm alliances and their clients to guide and prepare them for the future.

How RDP Establishes a Relationship with Your Firm:

Before entering a discussion to assist any client of your firm, we recognise and understand that:

1. Your clients are considered gold and that is important. Our primary goal, first and foremost, is establishing trust and accountability .

2. During the process of building a relationship with your firm, we must also adhere to your firm’s culture so we know how the firm communicates with its clients in order to provide that same level of commitment and service.

3. Part of formulating our alliance is providing training sessions to your firm’s staff and advise what to expect in the future of the R&D tax credit programme.

4. It is essential to provide recommendations to your firm to ensure its clients have maximum value of specialised tax services.

Accountants – Have your clients take our eligibility test:


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