R&D Tax Credit Eligibility

What is the R & D Tax Credit Eligibility?

The R & Tax Credit Eligibility programme is specifically designed for high-growth small, medium-sized (SMEs Small business R&D) and large companies. As well as those who have incurred significant costs. By investing heavily in developing new, or significantly improving existing, technology, techniques, formulas, software, products and services.

The programme was developed to encourage greater R&D spending in the UK. But with the goal of increasing innovation within the economy.

If a small or large company is making a claim for the first time. The company claiming generally has the ability to claim for the last two completed accounting

 For those SMEs that are profitable, the R&D relief works by reducing corporate tax liability. But if SMEs are in loss positions, they also have the opportunity to make claims and request a payable cash credit. Which can be reinvested back into their company.

The R & D tax credit relief is beneficial to companies to accelerate its R&D activities. This may include hiring new staff to increase the growth of a company.

For companies to take advantage of the programme, they must be a “Limited” company. Which is subject to corporation tax and have carried out R&D activities by investing monies into R&D projects. But if you are uncertain whether you qualify, check out our R&D 6 Ps of Eligibility 

R&D Tax Credit Eligibility

Bring Credibility and Completeness to Your Claims

The key to research and development tax credit claims is the ability to identify all R&D in a way that maximises the claim. But this is not as easy as it sounds.

So because our difference lies in our process that includes a highly qualified team of scientists, engineers, software developers, and accountants. Who brings decades of extensive experience in filing R&D tax credit claims.

It is their experience and judgment as competent professionals that add credibility to the claim. Our methodology has been developed with the intention of having a negligible impact on your staff time and minimal interference with your day-to-day business operations.


How We Do It. Maximize Your Claim via ICP

For over 30 years RDP has been improving its approach to R&D tax credit relief claims. But as technology and R&D tax rules change so do our service and ongoing process. The Innovation Connection Program (ICP) is our signature platform. Which connects innovation with your bottom line.

Our approach goes far beyond the standard approach of our competitors. Our senior consultants at RDP:

> Ensure all R&D tax credit relief claim criteria are met

> Maximise claims by including all eligible R&D activities and costs

> Assist your company in addressing any questions HMRC may have concerning their review of the claim

>Carry out your claim in real-time with the ICP

RDP has developed unique and proprietary algorithms, checklists and methodologies that ensure you receive every £ you deserve. When we meet with you, we start using this process to show how you can improve your return on R&D tax credits.

Reduce the Time and Stress of Your Staff

We significantly reduce the time and effort needed by your staff to work on claims.

So this frees up time for your staff to concentrate their efforts. Which focuses on their areas of expertise and contribute more to your company’s productivity and bottom line.

Why RDP?

For over 30 years, we have assisted thousands of companies to claim research and development tax credits worldwide and since 2000 specifically in the UK when programme came into inception.

Our clients range in size from small start-ups to large multinational publicly traded companies. But, what makes us different is our staff, experience, and unique proprietary process.

So, rather than hear a sales pitch, we would rather show you what we can do and how we differentiate from the rest.

Test drive us at no cost to see what it feels like to spend time with our world-class staff. Because this way, you get to work with us in an interactive way. We receive real value from the first meeting onward.

Our testimonials speak for themselves. We are very proud of client retention. Because year after year, we continue to serve our clients with unmatched client satisfaction.

So why RDP you ask?

Well, our clients tell us that we are easy to work with; that they don’t have to lift a finger; and we did for them what we said we would.

So, in a nutshell, RDP substantially decreases the time our clients’ staff have to spend on the R&D tax credit claim process. But, more importantly, our clients feel 100% confident that all their R&D projects and costs were claimed.

Maximize Your Claims in Real-Time:
>Ensure R&D projects are properly identified
>Check all eligible projects are claimed
>Confirm all eligible R&D activities are described and quantified
>Ensure all R&D costs are correlated to eligible projects
>Ensure all R&D costs are accurate

A Wealth of Experience in Claim Reviews

                                             TEST DRIVE US
When you select a provider, the bottom line is the quality and competency of the consultants that work on your claim. 
So, we’re confident that when RDP’s staff spends even a small amount of time working with your staff, our expertise shines through.
Better HMRC Enquiry Results
Our ICP programme provides the support that HMRC looks for on a review of an R&D tax credit claim. Want better HMRC enquiry results? We ensure your claim is virtually bullet-proof and will withstand any HMRC query. 
Workshops on R&D Tax Relief
RDP offers half and full-day workshops to show you which tools and techniques you need to innovate and make your R&D claims filing process more efficient. All RDP workshops are customized to the particular needs of your business operations. Contact us to find out more about our workshops on R&D tax relief.
Optimise Your Returns with Help from Expert Consultants
Some clients take advantage of our claim review service to verify the authenticity of their applications and maximise their returns. Because we prepare thousands of funding and grant claims every year, we stay current on R&D programme issues and filing requirements.
Eliminate Costly Errors with Our System Audit
We firmly believe that without a reliable and integrated R&D system in place, you risk losing out on R&D tax credits and increase the chance of your claim being denied. RDP’s ICP programme offers expert recommendations on your systems for identifying, capturing and documenting R&D projects with greater efficiency and accuracy.

So, Contact Us to Schedule a Free Assessment of Your

R & D Tax Relief Eligibility

We offer a complimentary assessment of your eligibility for R & D tax credits including business expenses and other forms of government funding programs.