RDP’s R&D Process

Welcome to RDP Associates R&D Tax Credit Process

When it comes to RDP’s R&D process, it gives companies the peace of mind when it comes to their R&D Tax Credit claim. To first detect eligibility we would have a complimentary 30-minute meeting and can advise what is eligible and how much you could potentially receive.


RDP's R&D Process

– Assess Eligible R&D Scheme
– Review what was not claimed in prior claim year
– Advise all qualified projects in 1 Meeting
– Conduct a few 30-minute interviews on qualified projects
– Document and generate R&D project narratives
– Convey what R&D activities are eligible to claim
– Cost out and maximise the R&D claim
– Review and complete R&D package for submission
– Work with your accountants to E-file R&D claim
– Manage and defend any HMRC enquiries


RDP’s Innovation Connection Programme

RDP has been continuously improving its methodology in preparing R&D tax credit claims for over 35 years. Over the years technology and the R&D tax relief rules have changed and so do our services and ongoing process. We created our own signature platform called the Innovation Connection Program (“ICP”). Which allows our clients to maximise their R&D tax credit claims fully.

There are 5 easy steps to help any company manage and capture their R&D work more efficiently. This also limits your time when it comes to documenting all activities and costs. It should take around 15 minutes per month to capture everything that’s required.

Find our more about our platform – RDP’s Innovation Connection Programme


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