RDP’s R&D Process

Welcome to RDP Associates R&D Tax Credit Process

When it comes to RDP’s R&D process, it gives companies the peace of mind when it comes to their R&D Tax Credit claim. To first detect eligibility we would have a complimentary 30-minute meeting and can advise what is eligible and how much you could potentially receive.


RDP's R&D Process

– Assess Eligible R&D Scheme
– Review what was not claimed in prior claim year
– Advise all qualified projects in 1 Meeting
– Conduct a few 30-minute interviews on qualified projects
– Document and generate R&D project narratives
– Convey what R&D activities are eligible to claim
– Cost out and maximise the R&D claim
– Review and complete R&D package for submission
– Work with your accountants to E-file R&D claim
– Manage and defend any HMRC enquiries


Contact us to schedule a free assessment of your eligibility at

0208 214 1341 or email us on [email protected].