R & D Eligibility Checker

RDP has a quick and simple R & D Eligibility Checker, to check within 30 seconds if you could be eligible.

The Government introduced the R&D tax credit programme in 2000. It has become very popular for small and medium-sized enterprises who are developing products and services. A company can claim R&D tax credits only if it is subject to Corporation Tax.


Take our R & D Eligibility Checker:

RDP Associates would simply request that your company consider what we call the “6 P’s of Eligibility”

Does your company:

  • Develop new or improved Products?
  • Develop new or improved Processes?
  • Developing Prototypes?
  • Employ technical Professionals (engineers, software and app developers)?
  • File or has been issued Patents?
  • Encounter design or development Problems?

If you can answer ‘yes” to one or more of the above 6Ps, it is quite likely that your company is eligible to claim for the R&D tax credits programme. Do not judge yourself about being ineligible.

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