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JTX is a market leader in providing customized sales training and development programs. Based in Toronto, Canada, JTX works with its clients to increase their sales effectiveness and help them achieve significant competitive advantage over their competition:



The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) has been in place since 2014. It’s a six-year initiative that supports two-thirds of eligible third-party training costs and up to $10,000 per trainee in the form of government grants for employers. In April 2017, however, several changes were made to the program, which made the grant significantly more difficult to obtain. One of the biggest changes was restricting business consulting services as eligible training.



JTX had difficultly adapting to the new changes to COJG. The company was training the salesforce of a large manufacturer in Ontario that had determined JTX’s unique approach was exactly what it needed to make its sales team more productive. The company’s Salesforce Intelligence Program and its market-driven approach involved one-on-one customized coaching, evaluation and monitoring each sales rep, along with formal team training for their specific industry.
RDP submitted multiple applications to COJG for JTX and didn’t receive a favorable result even after applying to multiple service agencies.



After further research and reviews by RDP, JTX revised and re-submitted its application to a stream not well known under the Canada Jobs Grant.


The Customized Training stream provides support for employers to develop firm-specific training solutions in partnership with approved training providers to meet their workforce development needs when “off the shelf” training programs are not appropriate. Under this stream, JTX ‘s sales training was finally approved for training that was originally denied.


This allowed JTX to execute its training with its client who was finally able to benefit from the industry benchmark sales training and have its subsidy application approved and granted.


If you are having difficulty obtaining your training grant approved, it might be worthwhile to consult with one of our grant specialists at RDP to review and assess your application:


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