Susan Mattice

Director of Operations, Software/IT Group

About Susan

Academic Background: BAA, Geographic Analysis, Marketing, Economics

Responsibilities I lead the Software/IT Operations Group using my client-service focus and extensive experience in SR&ED and project management to ensure the claim development process is smooth and that claims are maximized and well-supported. I also assist clients to adapt to changes in the SR&ED program, implement documentation best practices and supports clients through successful CRA site reviews.

Best thing about your job: Definitely the people. The RDP team is a great group of people, each of whom is professional, smart, supportive, knowledgeable, respectful and fun. Our clients are great too and I love looking over the shoulder of some really interesting & innovative technological advancements.

Most Memorable Advice you’ve been given? When I first started out in my career one of my VPs told me never to make a career decision based on people. He said it was all about the work and the enjoyment of that because people will leave. All these years later I completely disagree with his view. Of course it’s important to enjoy the work but the people can have a huge impact upon enjoyment versus misery and that often extends to your general wellbeing outside of work. In my humble opinion, if you work with great people, the work will be great too.

One item that I can’t live without: The real answer of course is my family; obvious reasons. If you’re speaking things rather than beings I’d say music. As long as I’ve got music to play or listen to I’m pretty happy. I started playing piano at the ripe old age of 4 and never looked back. Music is my catharsis, my escape.