Based in Bristol, UK, Life Sciences Healthcare (LSH) is a leading enabler of innovation success for SMEs that seek to realize timely execution of their innovation projects. By working with clients on-site and remotely to develop a deep understanding of their business, LSH delivers strategic growth and development at an accelerated rate.

Many innovation projects sit in the pipeline waiting for the right strategic implementation. LSH’s success comes from its unique ability to empower SMEs to reap the untapped value of their innovation, not only faster, but with a clear market advantage over competition.

Key SME Services Offered by Life Sciences Healthcare include:

  • Mentoring and Advisory Services: With over 150 years of business knowledge, LSH works closely with your business to understand your short to long term needs and work with you to develop better business practices alongside accelerated business growth. LSH has its own in-house and close network of specialists to provide complete business life cycle support.
  • Business-to-Business Brokerage: With a direct network of over 3500 CXOs and over 5500 business contacts across the UK, LSH is connected to help you find the right channels to market and to develop new lasting relationships. Strategic sectors include: Life Sciences, Medical Technology, Healthcare, Food and Drink, Advanced materials, Laser Photonics, ICT, Big Data and Mobile App technologies.
  • Business Strategy and Planning: LSH works closely with clients to understand their business needs. They have supported over 200 SMEs to tackle market analysis for reporting, business planning and growth strategies. The LSH team implements Prince 2 and Agile Project Management Models to accelerate your new and innovative products and services to volume markets.
  • Funding Support: LSH has considerable experience in resourcing funding for innovative products and services, including through SMART and SBRI Government funding (Innovate UK). For Start-ups and Spin outs, LSH can help with business planning for crowd funding. For CAPEX projects, LSH works with companies to develop their business case supporting low interest Bank and Peer to Peer loans.
  • Investor Readiness and Financial Modelling: Following the development of your business strategy and business planning, LSH works with you to develop simple financial models to capture your funding needs and growth projections. With all this in place, LSH works with you to develop and deliver easy to understand market infographics for Investor presentations. LSH also has specialists that can train you to deliver winning pitches.

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