More Importantly, What is Your Time Involvement?

Most companies that we either are introduced to or approach RDP Associates (RDP) more often than not ask “What does your R&D claim process entail and how much time is required of my staff?”

This is a reasonable question to ask since companies want their staff focused on their product and services. Whether you are a start-up or an established company.

R&D Tax Credit Service Providers

There are several R&D tax credit service providers that promise the world to companies. That do not have competent professionals on staff and in the end, the company they service identifies the R&D projects. Then carries out the claim themselves. The service provider then either reviews the R&D claim put together by the company. Who then charges a percentage of the company’s R&D tax benefits.  You do not want to be in a position where HMRC considers your R&D claim to be fraudulent (Fraudulent R&D Claim Submission and Claimants Jailed | RDP Associates).

When hiring a provider, that is one question we recommend asking and more importantly. Are you 100% confident that you have claimed everything in addition to not including routine activities in your claim?

RDP R&D Claim Process

The RDP R&D claim process is a simple one where the goal is to advise you what is eligible, complete the claim “behind the scenes”, maximise your claim, and if need be, defend the claim.

RDP’s process is designed where we assign one of our technology professionals to speak with one of yours. To ensure that we are speaking “apples to apples” rather than trying to understand what you have done. In doing so, we would only be asking you for 2-3 thirty-minute meetings at the most. In addition to this, we may also request a few samples of documentation for support purposes.

Whether you are claiming for the first time or have submitted an R&D claim before. We ask “what projects have you not claimed?” to give you an idea as to how much has been left on the table.

The main thing in the RDP process, and prior to submitting any R&D claim is to ensure we have all answers to any questions should HMRC elect to review a claim. (HMRC Enquiry? Ensure You Have These Questions Answered in Advance (

Have you had a bad experience with an R&D Provider?

If you are one those companies that have had a bad experience in hiring an R&D tax credit provider. That ultimately put the onus of the R&D claim on your staff or have had an HMRC Enquiry whether you ended up with a reduced claim or worse, received penalties. We ask you to re-consider your approach and hire an R&D tax credit service provider firm that has the ability to ensure your claim is “bullet-proof”.

Having been in business for over 35 years and being an international firm. We not only service companies in the UK but also in Canada, the US, the Republic of Ireland, and the Netherlands. Since these countries have mature R&D programmes in comparison to the UK, we are in a unique position to advise our clients and prepare R&D claims accordingly.

If you would like to hear more about the R&D claim process, how it continues to evolve, and/or review your last submitted claim, get in touch with us here for a free consultation.